Your solution configured just the way you like it by Nicolas

At Belcenter, we’re lucky to have 3 Nicolases. After Nicolas Breuer, the founder, and Nicolas Servais, from the sales team, we have Nicolas Bertholet, who configures your telephone system brilliantly and solves your problems directly.

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Nicolas Bertholet is the post-it man. He sticks them to equipment, to his desk, to his computer monitor… It’s normal: he is cloud delivery. He manages both the hardware required for your telephone system in the cloud and its configuration. He has a thousand things to plan, anticipate, implement, resolve. And rest assured, he loves it all.

On the personal side, Nicolas likes to excel. After playing hockey at a high level for many years, he recently returned to tennis. A demanding sport where mindset, attention to detail and concentration play a key role. We can see why he’s so good at his job with Belcenter.

He solves your challenges directly

If you are one of our partners, you most likely saw Nicolas before implementing our solutions. And it’s him on the front line who responds and solves your minor challenges directly. What our customers particularly appreciate is that Nicolas (like the entire Belcenter team) knows you by name and generally knows how to respond effectively there and then. When the problem is more complex, Nicolas Breuer takes over. The advantage is that there’s no risk of getting his name wrong, right?

“I detect added value for our customers”

How did he arrive at Belcenter? “I was looking for a product that I trusted. At my previous employer, I didn’t particularly believe in the service I was selling. Here, I can clearly see the added value for our customers,” he says. As I’m sure you know, Nicolas Bertholet started in the sales team. It was his interest in technical solutions that prompted him to request a change of position. “I was more interested in the solution than in the sale, and management agreed to my request.”

As much of a geek as the founders? “I’m one of those people who is really interested in new technologies. I like to visit dedicated forums to see what’s happening so I can improve myself and do even better, get out of my comfort zone to offer the best to the user. I think that’s why I dedicated myself to the configuration side of things.”

Proposing solutions and testing them

Nicolas has previously experienced the highly hierarchical structure of a multinational company and appreciates the family feel of Belcenter, both in terms of relations between colleagues and with customers who have never been (and will never be) just numbers. “Management is open, we can suggest things, implement them, test them, move them forward. It’s particularly motivating,” enthuses Nicolas who still wants to progress.

Organising the perfect virtual office

Nicolas Bertholet’s promise? Save you time with a phone system configured just the way you like it. He juggles with user groups, quick access keys, call streams, voicemails, diverts, etc. at the touch of a button. “There are a multitude of options that I will suggest to the customer after listening to their needs. My job is to organise a virtual office in line with the expectations of the person I’m talking to, who I will encourage as much as possible to obtain the best result. The customer will save time and improve efficiency and quality of life since it’s possible to ensure separation between work and personal life, even in the event of a divert to mobile.”

A super simple solution (and Nicolas if needed)

After that, he will still be your point of contact to resolve any minor changes and problems you may have. “When we deliver the system, I provide a plug-and-play solution. I also provide training to the customer so that he or she can configure some of the system by himself or herself thanks to a platform that is super simple to use. But I’m always at the end of the line if needed, if the customer doesn’t know how to or doesn’t want to do it himself or herself. It generally just takes a few minutes to set up,” he assures us. No talking to multiple contact people, no need to repeat your issue 4 times like when dealing with those call centres we all hate.

And if there’s a real problem, the Belcenter Service Level Agreement will compensate you if we don’t find the solution within 4 hours. Belcenter – and all its Nicolases – are committed to this.

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