Connectivity & Fibre

96.9% of Belgian businesses use a broadband internet connection, but not all connectivity is created equal. Belcenter guarantees you ultra-fast speed and ultra-low latency on Ethernet circuits and dedicated or shared fibre optics. We develop our own extraordinary network to offer the bandwidth and quality of service your business really needs. You are our priority.

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Des câbles de fibre optique pour une entreprise belge chez Belcenter

Pro Fibre

Why choose Belcenter?

We want to bring fibre optics to all businesses in Wallonia, Brussels and throughout Belgium. The transition from VDSL to fibre is underway and there’s no stopping it.

We offer solutions for every business, whatever its size or location, with customised packages tailored to your (real) needs, for SMEs and large enterprises alike. Our human-scale structure guarantees you maximum responsiveness.


A next-generation network




Connected Networks

8 ms

Average Latency


Countries accross Europe


DataCenters in Bruxelles


Years in Business

Belgium's best network

AS 31449

A state-of-the-art Internet network

Belcenter has been developing its own private network for over 20 years, connected to 2,500 networks and content providers to guarantee you an unrivalled surfing experience and latency.

With a presence in 7 countries, we can offer you the best Internet PRO in Belgium.
A cutting-edge business network at your company’s service.

Connected to the largest content networks

A state-of-the-art network with a European presence providing guaranteed latency

Connectivity for your business

Our Solutions

Ethernet Shared Circuit

  • shared bandwidth with other companies
  • an affordable connection
  • rapid deployment
  • 10×5 SLA included, with the option of extending to 24×7
  • A professional business connection

Ethernet Dedicated Circuit

  • guaranteed bandwidth (copper or fibre)
  • guaranteed asymmetric speeds of 35Mbps to 500Mbps
  • point-to-point connection
  • rapid deployment
  • a secure network with 24/7 SLA
  • The option of allocating several fixed IP addresses.

Fiber Ethernet Basic

  • Deployment of an affordable fibre-based Ethernet service
  • Guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth
  • P2P connection
  • 100Mbps symmetrical
  • Connected to our protected and secure network

Fiber Ethernet Premium

  • Deployment of an Ethernet service on our Premium network
  • Guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth
  • P2P connection
  • Up to 10 Gbps

Premium Network :

  • Can be secured via several physical routes
  • Layer 2 connectivity, transparent protocols between your sites.

MPLS private IP network

  • Creation and management of your own private and secure network (MPLS)
  • Hybrid solution based on all technologies (VDSL, FTTH fibre, Ethernet or dedicated fibre)
  • SLA and 24/7 monitoring of your flows

Layer2 private network

  • A multi-service network connected in Layer2 with your other sites
  • Next-generation solution operating throughout Europe
  • Full management of your DRP plans
  • SLA and 24/7 monitoring of your flows

What is the right solution for your business?