Who are we?

First and foremost, we are a team of professionals who have been active in the world of Telecoms for many years, and who love what we do. We are fundamentally different from the traditional telecom operators, in that we are providing a product and a service which are unique in Belgium. Try us once and you’ll be won over!

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Who are we?

It all began in 2001



« With our passion for new technologies and love of innovation, Nicolas and I launched Belcenter in the early 2000s with a concept that marked us out from the crowd, securing customer loyalty thanks to the Fidelity-Awards programme. The longer our customers stayed connected to Belcenter’s network, the more points they collected, and their points were then redeemed for gifts.
Three years later, we launched an alternative ADSL offer and quickly sensed that there was room for a new B2B operator that could challenge the incumbent operator, which was marketing very constrictive offers. By proposing our solutions to the market, we wanted above all to remove the constraints and offer a completely flexible solution, adapted to suit SMEs. »


« Wow, it was over twenty years ago now: we began by providing 64 Kilobit connections and here we are now, providing Gigabit connections! Our philosophy hasn’t changed a bit since those early days: offering a service that is genuinely different from that of the big names, associated with a Premium and personalised service that our staff deliver every day to our customers.
Today, more than ever, our customers want a product that precisely meets the challenges faced by their business, so as to gain in efficiency and productivity. The Internet connection, telephony, security and the Cloud are becoming essential elements for the continuity of an enterprise. Belcenter proposes an offer which is unique in terms of services, latency, redundancy and products. »

The team

Belcenter’s DNA: A human-sized team, accessible in all circumstances, fully dedicated to the needs and service of our customers.
At Belcenter, human relations are at the center of our organization, both internally in the design, management and operation of our network, and externally in the marketing of our solutions and in the lived experience of our customers.
At Belcenter, our telecom solutions are not “just” virtual. There is our offer, our value, our network, our technology but above all there are the men and women who help you every day to solve the challenges of your profession.

Who are we?

Timeline of key events


Things get off the ground

Inception of the company and launch of th Fidelity-Awards offer.



Construction of our network and launch of our ADSL offers.


A first in Belgium

Launch on the market for unbundled ADSL2+ offers, a firs in Belgium!


Unlimited offer

Acquisition of the company E-Leven and porposing of an unlimited Internet offer.



Belcenter builds its own national network connected to 5 Proximus interconnetion points. A big advantage: the ability to propose different & innovative offers on the market. Belcenter is the first alternative operator to propose offers based on the VDSL.


New Strategy

Moving strongly towards small and large enterprises with an offer based on our dedicated national network.


Telephony & the cloud

Launch of our high-quality business telephony solution, fully developed and operated by Belcenter. Launch of the cloud offer in pertnership with Microsoft.


Shareds fibre for all

Signing of a strategic agreement with Proximus, in order to propose shared-fiber (FTTP/GPON) via our own access network.


New products

Belcenter launches a new - unique - offer based on a package consisting of a high-performance internet line, a repair guarantee and fixed telephony services in the cloud.

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