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What more could you want than to better serve your customers’ needs and increase sales?
Signing up as a partner means ensuring you have the support of Belcenter, so that you can hit your sales targets quickly and efficiently.

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Belcenter Partner Program

5 good reasons to join the Belcenter reseller program

  1. Add new solutions to your portfolio for your customers.
  2. Benefit from Belcenter’s investment in technical resources, business support, training and communication.
  3. Enjoy support that is tailored to your business model.
  4. Incorporate Belcenter’s support service into your business, so that we both succeed.
  5. Create a lasting advantage for your company in a high-growth market.

Why choose Belcenter?

Belcenter collaborates with numerous partners all over Belgium. Judging by what they say about us, Belcenter stands out from the crowd in a really positive way. From IT service providers, to resellers of telephone services in the cloud and integrators, we invited them to give us their feedback:

The answer to every set of problems

Belcenter is, first and foremost, a genuine technical service provider that you can rely on. They know what they’re talking about. It’s a great pleasure to work with their teams to get projects off the ground. As an IT service provider, our mission is to find solutions to our customers’ problems. Belcenter always has the answer to every set of problems, and suggests a solution that is in keeping with the customer’s budget.

A single commercial point of contact

We used to work with another big Telecoms operator in the past and the commercial relationship was complicated. There was very little flexibility, and the commercial points of contact kept changing over time. What’s more, we didn’t feel we were valued very highly. With Belcenter, our day-to-day lives have changed. We have a single commercial point of contact which doesn’t change, teams that listen to us and unique solutions on the market that help us to grow together.

Premium technical support

The thing that has changed our day-to-day lives the most, in our operations with Belcenter, is the support we get from them. As a partner, there’s a dedicated telephone number for us, and in 30 seconds you can be talking to a network engineer who can carry out line tests and perform diagnostics in a matter of minutes. Not to mention this one time when there was a malfunction that affected a whole industrial estate, and a technician arrived 2 hours after the alarm was raised, to get our customer up and running again with a temporary cable until the local switching station was repaired. In 20 years in the IT industry, I’d never seen anything like it!

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