A custom-made telco solution based on your real business needs. You’re not a number and you clearly need a tailor-made solution. Together, we will map out these needs in order to come up with a perfectly suited solution that is capable, if you want it to be, of anticipating your future developments. Our priority is your business internet access, your connectivity, your telephony, your on-premises or remote working collaboration tools, your security and your cloud.

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Custom-made solutions

What we can bring to your business

Connectivity & Internet

Priority business internet access via fibre (or the VDSL network), with symmetrical speeds of up to 10 Gbps. That’s Belcenter’s connectivity promise.

Our experience of more than 20 years in the Belgian market has led us to develop extraordinary solutions in terms of bandwidth, quality of service and support.

At Belcenter, nothing is improvised: our solutions for connecting to the Internet and between your sites combine performance and robustness. Access to your data is a must. The continuity of your operations is essential.


Business telephony

We haven’t heard the last of business telephony. At Belcenter, we offer future-oriented telephone solutions. On-premises, in the cloud or via Teams, however you want it.

Our Cloud Phone offering: unified multi-platform business communications, fixed and mobile convergence, local PBX, cloud-based telephony, telephony via Microsoft Teams.

It’s time to cut the cord (or not). Telephony has never been so flexible and essential to the continuity of your business.

Cloud & Collaboration

Our cloud solutions, based on the Microsoft 365 offering, combine collaborative tools and redundant storage space in several European data centres. Advantage: you get all the tools your business needs and premium protection for your data.


No connectivity without security. Our innovative, multi-layered security solutions protect your devices within your company as well as your company’s data, whether local, in the cloud or on your mobile devices.