Leaving Belcenter to return the next day: David’s story could be yours too!

Is the grass always greener on the other side? Not always, you know the song! This is the story of a Belgian restaurateur who succumbs to the charms of traditional operators and decides to leave Belcenter… for just one day. Here’s why and how “Davide” quickly called back his personal account manager to regain connectivity and telephony that truly suit him. An opportunity to introduce you to Nicolas Servais and his obsessive sense of customer service.

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La Storia Restaurant : “Give me back my Belcenter connection!”

In Genappe, the restaurant La Storia is an institution for all lovers of Italian cuisine. A satisfied Belcenter client, its iconic boss, David François (Davide, for intimates and regulars), is nevertheless seduced by a Proximus promotion. Result after installation? Nothing works anymore. The restaurant experiences its first total disconnection and customers can no longer call. Panic on board. “I realized, at that moment, the mistake I had made, and the first person I thought of was Nicolas from Belcenter. I literally called him for help.”

Nicolas Servais recalls: “It was indeed a catastrophe. Nothing was configured correctly. Contact with technical support proved to be quite complicated. As a result, he decides to call VOO and… this decision is no more conclusive. I am, at that moment, both sorry and ready to help a former client who trusted us.”

David François confirms: “I then realized that I should never have left an operator for whom I have the direct mobile number of my advisor. Nicolas, I can call him at any time. He answers and intervenes. Try saying that to the big operators. Coming back to Belcenter was the best decision!”

Nicolas Servais intervenes, with rigor and method, in impressive timeframes: “We restore all of La Storia’s products in record time. And I think to myself that, deep down, it’s no coincidence that companies trust Belcenter. In Davide’s case, we have forged a relationship that clearly goes beyond the commercial aspect. Like many self-employed individuals and small business owners, he needs listening and presence.”

As is the case with every Belcenter team member, his perfectionism turns out to be a great asset for your peace of mind. David François confirms, for whom nothing replaces this human aspect: “As for me, I don’t understand the technical stuff and I don’t have the time. That’s why I’m with Belcenter. It has a cost, obviously, but I know I can count on Nicolas during vacations, closures. He helps me configure what I need. I have peace of mind. I can work. That’s all that matters.”

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Nicolas Servais (Belcenter)
Nicolas Servais (Belcenter)

Nicolas Servais: “All my clients have my mobile number and can call me”

Four years after joining Belcenter, Nicolas Servais is still as admiring of the knowledge of the company’s two founders as he was during his job interview. “I can admit today that I didn’t fully grasp the extent of the job, but I was seduced by their skills and their commitment to finding solutions for the client. Without hesitation, I gave up a team leader position to join Belcenter in the sales team.”

He is still convinced. If he praises Belcenter solutions as “flexible, stable, and reliable,” it’s because he has seen it. “I’ve been through a few companies before, in different sectors, where the salesperson disappeared into thin air once the contract was signed. Here, I can look at myself in the mirror. It’s solid. All my clients have my mobile number and can call me, even in the evening or on weekends, to solve any problem,” he smiles.

Reliability is ingrained in Nicolas’s DNA. It probably comes from the army, where he spent 8 years after finishing his studies. “I’m not someone who makes empty promises. I offer service, both to the company and to my clients.” It can be attested: he has been seen arriving at a worried client’s place the day before the opening of a new point of sale, on a Sunday morning, and leaving an hour later, once the solution was found.

Belcenter: always a solution

“I assume that my job is to be there for my clients. And if I can’t help alone, I can rely on the super knowledgeable technical team who quickly takes over. We come back with a solution, always,” explains Nicolas.

More than a contractual clause, it’s the attachment to the result and the adrenaline of the challenge that accompany Nicolas in this reactivity that sticks to Belcenter. Normal: competition and result played an important role in his football career. Here’s a secret: our colleague almost made it into professional football. Basel was reaching out to him at the age of 16 until fate decided otherwise. Football still occupies a special place in his life. After being a coach for a first team, Nicolas now focuses on prospects as a recruiter for Emilio Ferrera’s academy.

Common goal: customer satisfaction

Although he was sent to several operational theaters outside Belgium’s borders, Nicolas now loves taking care of his clients in Wallonia, as is the case with La Storia in Genappe. The quality of the relationship is paramount to him. He won’t hesitate to give you a little wave as he passes by.

What he appreciates most about his job at Belcenter? The human-sized company. And the common goal: customer satisfaction, for all customers. “My colleagues are all great, especially Nicolas Breuer, who will find an answer as a last resort if it goes beyond our skills. I don’t understand how he manages to work so much and still train and keep up with new technologies, which allows Belcenter to stay ahead. We act as the interface, the translation, between the management’s ultra-performing geek attitude and the client: we explain everything clearly and in detail. Even on the invoice. That’s also what they appreciate,” he concludes.

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