Jean-Marc, Liège-style affability and professionalism

Belcenter’s ambassador in the Liège region had lost faith in the sector. He was persuaded to give Telcos one last chance when he came across Belcenter. He enthusiastically recounts the story!

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He had been roaming the telecoms sector for about ten years. And he swore he was leaving it… until he crossed paths with Belcenter. “Before starting here in 2021, I worked for 10 years in the internet and telephony field. Between the big operators, the resellers, there’s loads of players and I thought I had explored all options. I was set on a different professional challenge,” he recalls.

“We share the same work ethic”

At the time, Nicolas Breuer and Frédéric Bosret were looking for a profile like his: both friendly and professional, jovial and clever, truly customer-focused. They immediately discovered they had a lot in common. “We share the same work ethic, the same values. When I go to see a customer, I make a personal commitment. It’s therefore essential that the solution I bring to them is reliable, stable and problem-free.”

A trusted partner who convinced him

Jean-Marc found a trusted partner in Belcenter, with managers that set goals for him while allowing him to work independently. This is how he describes it. “The team and the manager are important to me because I’m a results-oriented person. But I don’t like being micro-managed. This is not the case with Nicolas and Frédéric. The working atmosphere is really nice”, he says while highlighting his employer’s strengths.

Belcenter’s greatest strength: its network architecture

The impeccable service offered by Belcenter is often praised. With good reason: customers, regardless of size, are not numbers. And when they have a problem, they quickly find a solution. This is why the company offers a Service Level Agreement offering a refund if the problem is not resolved within 4 hours. But for our colleague from Liège, the company has an even more appreciable underpinning.
“The service is so efficient because Belcenter is an operator in its own right that invests continuously in its infrastructure. The network architecture is modern, with reliable equipment, and has planned redundancy that helps to ensure a solid network and seamless connectivity”, enthuses Jean-Marc, who has experienced very different situations.

“The solution is stable, extremely reliable”

“I worked for companies where the phones of the customer service department were ringing off the hook: because customers no longer had a line, or because they were unreachable. Here, the phone rarely rings. Simply because the solution is stable, extremely reliable. It’s very nice because I can look my customers in the eye,” he smiles.
When it comes to the customers, Jean-Marc can assure them without batting an eyelid that they won’t have any problems, that he has chosen to work for a company that does quality. “I can be genuine and commit to the result, knowing that the company has my back. It’s invaluable. In short, I am delighted with the choice I made last year,” he concludes.

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