Le Pain d’Antan : Since we made the Belcenter bet, we haven’t regretted it!

After disastrous experiences with two operators at its other sites, Le Pain d’Antan was able to count on Belcenter for the smooth opening and supply of its 3 new points of sale in Fosses-la-Ville, Remouchamps and Wezembeek-Oppem. The experience is so positive that it has decided to transfer all its contracts in due course.

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Le Pain d’Antan is an artisanal bakery, pâtisserie and chocolate maker in full expansion. The company, created by Hafedh Ben Naceur, who was joined by his brother Aymen Ben Naceur, now has around 100 employees at 10 points of sale in Wallonia and Flemish Brabant. Continuous Internet access and error-free telephony solutions are as important for their business as the high-quality raw materials used in their workshops.

Reliable and easily manageable telephone exchanges

“For the stores to work well, we need in particular reliable telephone exchanges with an easily manageable call flow. In this way, customers are directed to a specific messaging service if the waiting time is too long or if they wish to place an online order. They are greeted with a specific message if the store is closed, such as on New Year’s Day, or with some music for Christmas. This may seem basic. However, we have never managed to obtain this service with our previous operators without damaging errors,” says Aymen Ben Naceur, CFO at Le Pain d’Antan.

Aymen Ben Naceur dans son enseigne Le Pain d'Antan donne son avis sur Belcenter

“Focus on your business, we take care of the rest”

A year ago, Belcenter got involved with a clear pledge: “focus on your business and we take care of the rest,” summarises Nicolas Servais, sales contact at Belcenter. “We understood the specific need of Le Pain d’Antan and what it did not want to repeat, and we were able to advise them in order to avoid it having to recur. Our customers do not have time to deal with the details of their telecommunications solutions. They can rely on us for this with a guarantee of rapid intervention,” he continues, showing himself to be much more than a salesperson.

Responsiveness, quality of service, professionalism

As it continued to grow, the artisanal bakery, pâtisserie and chocolate maker also needed a reliable partner for the long term. “No matter how much research we did with the other operators beforehand, we only had endless problems, which even included a legal dispute. Since we bet on Belcenter, we have not regretted it. They gave us the impression of being serious and dynamic. We have since been delighted with their responsiveness, the quality of their follow-up and their real professionalism. The idea is to switch the entirety of the business to this same operator, to be even more relaxed in the future,” Aymen Ben Naceur says.

Without connectivity, there is no cash register or payment solution

Marked by bad experiences in the past, he remembers worrying himself sick when the brand new Wezembeek-Oppem location was not connected to the internet on the eve of its opening. “What we need is not so much high speed, but a latency-free connection. If you do not have Internet, cash registers do not work, staff are stressed and queues grow longer as work has to be done manually – it is a disaster scenario. Not forgetting the problems caused in production,” explains the CFO of Le Pain d’Antan.

A speedy and relevant response, every time

The response has been immediate: Nicolas Servais travelled on Sunday morning to resolve the problem in situ with technical support. Together, they solved the technical error. “The minor problems we have encountered since the start of the collaboration were not necessarily their fault, but Belcenter provided a speedy and relevant response every time. This flexibility is a major quality expected from our suppliers. When we have an oven problem on a Sunday at 3 a.m. while our teams are making croissants and bread rolls, we will not wait until Monday to react.”

Both partners are delighted with the relationship that has developed fairly quickly with Belcenter. “So quickly that we can switch over fully to Belcenter,” Aymen Ben Naceur concludes.




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