Business telephony

Business telephony looks radically different than the landlines of old, which is great news for your business. Our on-premises (local PBX) and cloud-based communications and telephony solutions bring your fixed and mobile devices together. You choose an on-premises system or cloud telephony. You can even connect your work phones to Microsoft Teams.

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The avantages

Why use Belcenter?

No matter what technology or type of PBX you use, the important thing is to be able to communicate effectively and securely, regardless of the device. Belcenter has redesigned collaborative fixed telephony with products suited to all organisations: on-premises, cloud-based or with Teams.

We will help you cut the good old phone cord for a simpler, more flexible and more cost-effective business telephony solution. Do you know the difference between on-premises and cloud-based telephony or telephony via Teams? We explain everything in our free guide (in French).

Custom-made solutions

Our Voice solutions

SIP Trunk

Economical and flexible, connect your PBX environment, hosted in your company, to our international and high-definition voice network. The ideal solution for medium and large companies.

PBX in the Cloud

Your telephony is hosted in the Cloud. There’s no need for any PBX or Virtual Machines hosted in your enterprise any more. Service is available worldwide and as an OTT service. With its breathtaking functionalities, it’s the perfect solution for small companies.

Voice on Teams

Connect your Microsoft Teams environment to our international voice network, Add Inbound & Outbound calls feature and benefit from advanced telephony functionalities for your staff.

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