96.9% of Belgian companies use a high-speed internet connection, but not all connections are the same. Belcenter guarantees an ultra-fast, negligible-latency connection via Ethernet and dedicated business or shared fibre. We are developing our own extraordinary network to guarantee the bandwidth and quality of service your business really needs. You are our priority.

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Seamless connectivity

Why choose Belcenter?

With our unique expertise in the market standing us in good stead, Belcenter offers you a personalized solution, based on your needs, which will suit you in terms of bandwidth and quality of service. All our connectivity solutions are based on a premium network that guarantees you the best latency towards your content and will procure you the best surfing experience.

We have our own European network, and consequently we are connected to more than 2,500 networks and content suppliers, meaning that we can bring you an unrivalled surfing and latency experience

What’s more, thanks to its human-sized structure, Belcenter remains highly responsive both at the commercial level and in terms of the support provided by our experts, who are here for you 24/7.

Today, regardless of how big your business is and what it does, it’s vital to be able to offer high-quality Internet access to your staff. We offer “all-inclusive” solutions thanks to our packs or custom-made solutions; every company will find the services that suit it.

We offer a wide range of technologies for your business internet connectivity in Belgium : fibre by default (shared or dedicated) or VDSL where fibre is not yet possible. Not sure whether to go for cable or fibre for business? Read our clear and concise comparison to make the right choice.

Personalized solutions

Our various connectivity solutions

Dedicated Ethernet Circuit

Guaranteed bandwidth on copper, point-to-point connection, possibility of multi-site connection, rapid deployment, secured network, SLA 24/7 and ability to allocate several fixed IP addresses.

Dedicated Fibre

Deployment and management of an Ethernet service based on Dedicated Fibre. Guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth, point-to-point connection, SLA 24/7 and provision of security via several physical routes. Layer2 service between your remote sites.

Private IP MPLS network

Creation and management of your own private and secured network (MPLS), solution based on all the technologies proposed (VDSL, Fiber FTTP, Dedicated Fiber), SLA and 24/7 monitoring of your flows.

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