Nicolas: your smiling solution at any time

Nicolas Servais represents fanatical professionalism encased in relaxation and affability

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As is the case with every employee in the Belcenter team, his perfectionism is a great asset for your peace of mind.

A year and a half after arriving at Belcenter, Nicolas Servais is still as impressed by the knowledge of the company’s two founders  as he was at his job interview. “Today I confess that I didn’t fully grasp the scope of the job, but I was attracted by their skills and their commitment to finding solutions for the customer. It was without hesitation that I gave up a team leader position to join Belcenter’s sales and marketing division”.

“All of my customers have my mobile number and can call me”

He still remains convinced. If he praises Belcenter’s solutions as “flexible, stable and reliable”, it is because he has witnessed these qualities for himself. “I have spent time in a few companies before, in a variety of sectors, where the salesperson disappeared into the wild once the contract was signed. Here, I can look myself in the mirror. This is the real thing. All of my customers have my mobile number and can call me, even in the evening or at the weekend, to solve any problem”, he says smiling.

Reliability is rooted in Nicolas’ DNA. This undoubtedly comes from his time in the army, where he spent 8 years after his studies. “I am not someone who makes empty promises. I deliver, both to the company and to my customers”. We can attest to this: we have already witnessed him show up at the premises of a worried customer the day before the opening of a new point of sale, on a Sunday morning, and leave again an hour later, once a solution had been found.

Always a solution

“I work on the premise that my job is to be there for my customers. And if I do not know how to help them on my own, I can rely on the very clever technical team to take quickly take over. We always come back with a solution .”

More than just a contractual commitment, it is the commitment to getting results and the adrenaline of the challenge that help Nicolas in this responsiveness that is part of Belcenter. Normal: competition and results held an important place in his footballing career.  We will let you into a secret: our colleague nearly broke into professional football. Basel contacted him at the age of 16 until fate decided otherwise.

Football is still a big part of his life. Having coached a first-team squad, Nicolas is now looking at hopefuls as a recruiter for Emilio Ferrera’s academy.

Common goal: customer satisfaction

Although he has been sent to several operational settings outside Belgium, Nicolas now loves looking after his customers in Walloon Brabant. The quality of the relationship is paramount to him. He will not hesitate to stop by to say hi.

What does he like most about his job at Belcenter? A company on a human scale. And the common goal: customer satisfaction, for all customers . “My colleagues are all great, especially Nicolas Breuer, who will ultimately find an answer if the problem goes beyond our skills. I do not understand how he manages to work so much and continue to train, and learn about new technologies, which enables Belcenter to be one step ahead. We are the interface, the translation, between the management’s ultra-high-performance geek attitude and the customer: we explain everything clearly and in detail. Even on the bill. They appreciate that too”, he concludes.



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