« With Belcenter, we have improved performance and quality, without increasing costs »

When CMS, a law firm that is part of an international group with 6,000 employees, sought a stable and trusted partner, it was to Belcenter that it turned. It is still pleased about this, as attested to by the IT director Didier Dulière.

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CMS is a large law firm located in Watermael-Boitsfort with a second location in Antwerp. The two sites are connected by fibre optics and interdependent systems. Approximately 150 people work at the two sites, including 80 lawyers for whom landline telephony and the quality of communications, both national and international, are very important. CMS is also part of a group of around 6,000 employees worldwide, which requires seamless accessibility and connectivity at any time.

« Everything has to work all the time »

« For our telecommunications solutions, we need superior quality. Everything has to work all the time. To achieve this, we need a stable, trusted partner who listens to us and is very responsive. Until recently, we used a long-standing player for connectivity. We had another operator for VoIP. We were not satisfied with the technology or the support. The IT department received a lot of complaints from the lawyers in particular », recalls the head of the IT department for CMS.

The difference in service? It is day and night.

Tailor-made solutions

Belcenter’s reputation was already known within the law firm, which gradually transferred its services. « We are a small IT team with sufficient work in-house. We needed a partner who understands our problems and offers almost à la carte solutions. Belcenter has delivered in every way. Once the infrastructure was installed, everything was set up with a few clicks and there has never been an interruption, » praises Didier Dulière, who describes the difference in service as « day and night ».

A fast and seamless switch

The switch to Belcenter took place at the beginning of 2020, a fortunate coincidence in scheduling that allowed the teams to be ready for the unpredictable. « We did this just before the first lockdown, which required teleworking. And the ease with which everything happened reassured us about the choice we made: in one day, the 150 employees were able to work from home. The Internet connections were adapted, as was the telephony. Staff could make calls from their computer or take their landline phone with them. Everyone was blown away. We were congratulated because the transition was so easy, » he smiles.

Double the performance with no increase in costs

Today, the security of data transmitted via teleworking is ensured via VPN access. And data needs, in particular to secure a second redundant site, are ensured to such an extent that the back-up between Brussels and Antwerp can take place during the day without batting an eyelid. This is thanks to the optical fibre installed by Belcenter. « At the end of the day, we doubled our performance at a cost that – and this is the icing on the cake – that is less than with previous operators, » says Didier Dulière.

Belcenter is growing, but keeping its human side

This successful collaboration has made the daily life of the IT team much calmer. « It is reassuring to be supported in this way by a flexible and accessible team that knows what they are talking about. When you have the equivalent of a pallet load of documents to send, network interruptions are very unwelcome. Even though the company is making good progress, Belcenter keeps its human side with ease of contact. They even advise us on problems that do not originate with them. They have the advantage of monitoring the development of technologies and quickly offering them to their partners, » concludes the happy IT director.


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