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To understand the unique product and service offered by Belcenter, you should know that each of our employees is, like the company’s founders, a perfectionist committed to serving you. Professionals passionate about solving problems and sharing the same values. This is what differentiates us from the abundance of indistinguishable products on the market.


Belcenter’s main job is to connect people and companies to VDSL or our fibre optic network. Optimal connectivity is the cornerstone of your business and your long-term viability. This is why our team gives it maximum attention.

“Impeccable quality of service”

“Internet connectivity, with telephony, security and the Cloud, have become essential components for business continuity. Belcenter has a unique offering in terms of services, latency, redundancy and products. Connectivity is our core business in terms of customers and turnover. “We do everything we can to offer our customers a different experience and impeccable quality of service”, says Nicolas Breuer, CEO of Belcenter.


Belcenter has been offering fixed telephony solutions to companies since 2016. Today, with a Cloud-based virtual telephone system, communication with your employees has become extremely simple and is the perfect solution for hybrid working. But communication between Belcenter and its customers is just as fundamental. We therefore ensure that we’re always accessible and responsive. It’s the basis of a trusting relationship.

The solution for SMEs in 2022

“We provide a professional service via telephone handsets without the hassle of a physical telephone system. It’s much easier because you can move your phone from the office to wherever you’re working. Fixed telephony can even be routed to a mobile phone via an app that we’ve created. This is the ideal solution for SMEs facing the challenges of 2022,” enthuses the co-founder of Belcenter.


Belcenter has always been driven by the trust of its customers. The health crisis was an opportunity to further attune ourselves to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and propose solutions to their problems. What was missing from our offering, to fully cater for the needs of our customers, in order to help them adapt, was a collaboration solution.

4 products, 1 person

“We turned to Microsoft 365, which is integrated into our products for the benefit of SMEs. What they’re interested in is being able to easily contact someone who can deal with everything: the internet, telephony, but also programs like Word, Teams, Excel, their mailbox, etc. Belcenter is the perfect intermediary for all digitisation products,” says Nicolas Breuer.

The icing on the cake: availability and responsiveness.

Have we told you that our employees are available at all times for all our customers, without distinction?  What better proof than this commitment: in the event of a failure, Belcenter guarantees a response within 4 hours during office hours (or 24×7 depending on the offer) and throughout Belgium. With your money back if we fail to honour our promise.

A name, not a number

“Our customers have a name, not a number. As soon as they call and give their name, we’re able to deal with the problem without waiting, since we control the process from end to end. There is no ticketing system at Belcenter: the customer speaks directly with the right person who understands the problem and knows how to solve it directly,” reiterates Belcenter’s CEO.

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