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It was with a desire to offer customers more and to pamper them that Belcenter became a player on the telecoms market at the start of the 2000s. This was a time when connections were still slow, when they still monopolised landlines and were paid for by the minute. Belcenter decided to offer not only a free subscription, it also gave customers points based on their time spent on the web. These points could then be exchanged for exclusive gifts (concert tickets, videocassettes, DVDs, cinema tickets, etc.). When Belcenter entered the market with this totally innovative concept, Belgian users were quick to adopt this new way of connecting to the internet.

Three years later, in 2003, Belcenter moved up a gear and offered new ADSL products for a fixed cost. These products were completely new at the time with a download speed of 6 Mbps and an upload speed in excess of 0.5 Mbps. It was just what was needed for Belcenter's name to make the rounds on specialist forums, and it was exactly what early users of the internet needed to turbocharge their internet experience without any headaches.

Belcenter has constantly innovated ever since to connect people to the world more and more quickly: in 2006 with ADSL2+, in 2010 with VDSL2+ and in 2014 with vectoring (technology making it possible to considerably increase the speed of a VDSL line). It's down to you to write the rest of history with us...

Belcenter. Heading towards the future

A keen desire to anticipate the future and bring it to your fingertips is also in Belcenter's DNA. This constant desire to innovate also includes companies, because since as far back as 2007 Belcenter has been offering directly-connected fibre-optic lines in companies. In this connection, the arrival of FTTH* lines is on the horizon for 2018.

* Fibre To The Home

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