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Belcenter’s premium quality, also available for your telephony.
Take advantage of HD quality IP telephony at a competitive price.

Advantages of our SIP Trunk solution

  • Economical and flexible

    Competitive pricing with free transmission between your different sites.

  • High quality and secure

    Enjoy premium secure communication via our connections.

  • Scalable

    Possibility of adding or removing IP channels at any time.

  • Personalised

    Porting of existing numbers and provision of new Belgian or foreign numbers.

“SIP Trunk” Solution

Would you like to enjoy all the benefits of VOIP while keeping control of your PBX in-house? SIP Trunking is the solution for you.

It provides voice and instant messaging for all of your connected sites. All of your fixed line telephony is therefore networked and connected to the public network while benefiting from an unlimited number of outgoing and incoming channels.

It also guarantees secure high quality (full HD) calls thanks to optimal routing, our redundant infrastructure and our diversion options in the event of an outage. You also benefit from competitive pricing and the convenience of a single provider for all of your services.

Why wait? Move your telephony to Belcenter today for improved quality and reduced operating costs!

Advantages of our PBX in the Cloud solution

  • Cost savings

    Elimination of costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of an in-house PBX.

  • Quality

    Enjoy HD quality calls.

  • Mobility

    You can connect your telephone wherever you want, irrespective of the type of connectivity.

  • Rapid deployment

    The system is operational within 8 days

“PBX in the Cloud” Solution

No more monthly telephone charges and an end to costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of a PBX. The only devices required in your offices are the handsets that you choose.

You can retain your existing telephone numbers and benefit from all the functions of a PBX while enjoying optimal call quality.

For an all-inclusive price per user, your “PBX in the Cloud” enables you to be accessible wherever you are at all times, irrespective of the type of connectivity.

Advantages of Premium Numbers

  • Accessibility

    Potential customers are more likely to call a free 0800 number

  • Single point of contact

    Numbers are no longer tied to a geographic zone.

  • Activation within 24 hours

    Your service numbers up and running within 24 hours.

  • Financial advantages

    Business revenue in addition to business support.

Premium Numbers

Belcenter also offers 0800, 070 and 0900 numbers that enable you to serve your customers better and offer commercial services.
They can be activated within 24 hours.

0800 - free, but it pays

  • You create a positive image
  • You improve access to your customer service department
  • You increase the success of your marketing initiatives

070 - it goes wherever you go

  • You can be reached wherever you are via a national number
  • You can offer information and services for a single price

0900 - a source of income

  • You can provide information or added-value services
  • You can generate additional income for your business

What do you get when you choose Belcenter?

  • Personalised solutions

    Solutions that are precisely adapted to your needs thanks to the very latest technologies. We tailor our solutions to the specific needs of your business.

  • Single provider and personalised service

    A single provider and contact for all your connectivity, telephony and security needs. A single point of contact facilitates implementation of your project thanks to knowledge of your infrastructure.

  • Expertise and project monitoring

    Expertise that is unrivalled in the telecommunications sector in Belgium. We guide and support you throughout your project’s implementation and monitoring.

  • Fast activation and responsiveness

    We install our services in the shortest possible timeframes. In case of urgency, our tried-and-tested processes can ensure connectivity within 24 hours.

  • Free audit

    We can carry out a fast assessment of your needs and infrastructure free of charge.

  • High-performance network

    Enjoy unprecedented surfing speeds thanks to the optimised network architecture.

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