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Given the ever-growing number of threats, Belcenter places a great deal of importance on security.
This is why we offer various security solutions for your e-mails and devices.

Advantages of our Mail Protection solution

  • Guaranteed security

    Spam and viruses are blocked via redundant servers before they reach your inboxes.

  • Easy

    Set up in less than 30 minutes.

  • Innovative

    Based on the latest technologies to offer the highest interception rate, our solution is one of the best in the world.

  • Compatible

    In-house server or hosted e-mail, our solution is compatible with all systems.

  • Innovation

  • Compatibility

  • Management interface

  • Redundancy

Mail Protection

Spam not only impacts productivity, it results in excessive use of your bandwidth and server resources. To effectively combat this nuisance, we filter all your e-mails in real time, only sending you “cleaned” e-mails.

With multiple high-performance antivirus filters also installed, all of your e-mails are disinfected at source, thereby avoiding overloading your equipment and internet connection. You therefore save time having to process your e-mails since only cleaned messages arrive in your inboxes.

To ensure even greater effectiveness, our antispam solution is constantly updated and is available 100% of the time thanks to redundancy installed on multiple servers.
Installable in 30 minutes, it requires no technical knowledge as no configuration is required on your part.

Advantages of our Computer Protection solution

  • Guaranteed security

    Complete protection! Your devices are protected from all types of threats.

  • Autonomous

    Automatic installation of updates and security patches and those of your devices.

  • Innovative

    Based on the latest technologies to offer the highest interception rate, our solution is one of the best in the world.

  • Ease of management

    Centralised configuration and management of the status of your devices in the Cloud.

Computer Protection

We work with a market leader in antivirus security to offer optimal performance. Easy to install on Mac or PC, you simply download the application once directly from our website, after which it continually updates itself. You no longer need to install a new application every year.

Very lightweight in terms of resources, our antivirus frees up the full processing power of your devices for your work. Thanks to our usage-based billing system, it is very easy to add or remove devices.

Our customers have their say...

Mr Olivier Ghilbert

IT Infrastructure Domain Manager at Partena

For PARTENA, a major provider of payroll and business registration services, protection of e-mails is of course an absolute priority.
Allowing spam e-mails to hinder the day-to-day work of our 2,000 employees is out of the question! In 2016, we therefore approached BELCENTER looking for something very specific: an efficient, redundant, outsourced security solution for our e-mail exchanges in order to avoid overloading our internet lines.
BELCENTER then offered us a truly innovative solution, completely tailored to our needs and at a really competitive price. BELCENTER also successfully looks after our antivirus security needs, in order to block any threats that might disrupt our business. I honestly couldn’t imagine a more reliable partner for PARTENA!

What do you get when you choose Belcenter?

  • Personalised solutions

    Solutions that are precisely adapted to your needs thanks to the very latest technologies. We tailor our solutions to the specific needs of your business.

  • Single provider and personalised service

    A single provider and contact for all your connectivity, telephony and security needs. A single point of contact facilitates implementation of your project thanks to knowledge of your infrastructure.

  • Expertise and project monitoring

    Expertise that is unrivalled in the telecommunications sector in Belgium. We guide and support you throughout your project’s implementation and monitoring.

  • Fast activation and responsiveness

    We install our services in the shortest possible timeframes. In case of urgency, our tried-and-tested processes can ensure connectivity within 24 hours.

  • Free audit

    We can carry out a fast assessment of your needs and infrastructure free of charge.

  • High-performance network

    Enjoy unprecedented surfing speeds thanks to the optimised network architecture.

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