Dedicated Fibre

Connectivity is always available

This is the cream of the crop in terms of connectivity!

Dedicated fibre is, as its name suggests, a dedicated fibre connection for just one company, yours, with no sharing.
The full bandwidth is therefore reserved just for you! This guarantees stable constant quality irrespective of the number of users in your company.

Benefits of this product

  • Guaranteed line

    You benefit from your own reserved bandwidth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Symmetrical speeds

    Download and upload speeds of up to 10Gbps.

  • Point-to-point connection

    We offer the possibility of connecting your different facilities as well as having multiple fixed IP addresses for your infrastructure.

  • Redundancy option

    You benefit from a dual connection (optional) to cover all eventualities.

Dedicated fibre: the cream of the crop!

While a shared fibre connection is used communally with neighbouring companies, dedicated fibre is a single circuit exclusively reserved for your company. It is installed on a fully secure network reserved for large companies that is actively monitored to prevent any potential incidents on the network. For your peace of mind, our experts actively monitor your connectivity day and night around the clock.

Dedicated fibre is strongly recommended for companies for which connectivity is an essential requirement for their business, including to access remote resource-intensive services (video conferencing, cloud applications, internet of things). This is why the bandwidth of a dedicated fibre connection is not shared with other subscribers. The speeds on our network are symmetrical and guaranteed - and therefore provisioned - and configured based on your exclusive requirements. In addition, thanks to its flexibility, it can be fully adapted to your needs at all times.

If your business does not already have a fibre connection, Belcenter will take care of all the formalities required to connect you in the shortest timeframe possible (technical survey, applying for planning permission from the local authority, scheduling of works, etc.)

Availability - Coverage

Belcenter has access to more than 10,000 kilometres of fibre distributed throughout Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. When we connect a customer, we carry out all trench digging work required for the customer up to the closest point to our network.

Depending on your location, we can quickly determine the approximate distance between the site to be connected and our network, thereby enabling us to provide an estimate of the “construction” cost involved. Why not contact us for a non-binding quote!

Your facility is not located close to our network?

No need to panic! We can connect you via one of our partners’ networks (21,000 km of fibre). This gives us the ability to connect even more customers to our network and allow them to benefit from a premium product.

Our customers have their say...

Mr Jérôme Sine

IT Infrastructure Manager at JOST GROUP

Our company, JOST GROUP, a leader in the logistics and transportation sector with a 3,000-strong workforce, decided to push ahead by completely revising our approach to telecoms.
We decided to put our trust in a new partner that was more in tune with our needs: BELCENTER. And I have to admit that, from the first contact, I was impressed by the extent of their technical expertise!
We were looking for greater bandwidth capacity that only fibre optic could provide to link our different sites to our headquarters in Luxembourg. The dedicated support offered to us by BELCENTER was excellent and enabled us to increase the connection speed between our different sites by a factor of 25, cut our operating costs by two-thirds and significantly improve the quality of implementation and support.
Today, thanks to BELCENTER, I am a happy infrastructure manager!

What do you get when you choose Belcenter?

  • Personalised solutions

    Solutions that are precisely adapted to your needs thanks to the very latest technologies. We tailor our solutions to the specific needs of your business.

  • Single provider and personalised service

    A single provider and contact for all your connectivity, telephony and security needs. A single point of contact facilitates implementation of your project thanks to knowledge of your infrastructure.

  • Expertise and project monitoring

    Expertise that is unrivalled in the telecommunications sector in Belgium. We guide and support you throughout your project’s implementation and monitoring.

  • Fast activation and responsiveness

    We install our services in the shortest possible timeframes. In case of urgency, our tried-and-tested processes can ensure connectivity within 24 hours.

  • Free audit

    We can carry out a fast assessment of your needs and infrastructure free of charge.

  • High-performance network

    Enjoy unprecedented surfing speeds thanks to the optimised network architecture.

Our European network

In order to guarantee premium quality and the most stringent SLA in the market for all of our products, our network has a significant European presence, thereby enabling us to directly connect to more than 1,500 global operators including Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Amazon. We have multiple redundant lines to Paris, Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Frankfurt enabling us to offer the best and fastest route when you connect to a content provider.

In parts of the world where we do not have a presence, we have a highly-selective process in place in terms of the quality and size of partners with whom we work.

When connected to the Belcenter network, you are guaranteed to enjoy the best route and most pleasant web surfing experience possible. Along with all the advantages of an ultra-personalised service of course.

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