Enjoy high-performance connectivity and the service that you have always dreamed of for your business.
Belcenter offers a premium quality service that’s unrivalled in Belgium.

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Leased Line

The best alternative to fibre optic!

Our Leased Line solutions for businesses have unique features that enable the latency of your circuit to be reduced by half.
We will reserve a portion of bandwidth for you and give you absolute priority within our network.

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Shared Fibre

Today, providing high-speed internet access to your employees is essential whatever your activity or the size of your business.
Shared fibre is a reliable, high-performance, cost-effective solution to increase speed and efficiency. It truly is the technology of the future!

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Dedicated Fibre

This is the cream of the crop in terms of connectivity!

Dedicated fibre is, as its name suggests, a dedicated fibre connection for just one company, yours, with no sharing.
The full bandwidth is therefore reserved just for you! This guarantees stable constant quality irrespective of the number of users in your company.

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Multi-Site Solution

We offer tailored solutions to companies that require a private and secure data network between multiple sites.
From the transmission of data between your different sites to the provision of fast, secure internet access, the Multi-Site solution takes care of all your needs.

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