Pro & Security Pack

Premium Internet Connection + Cloud Voice + SLA 10/5 + Microsoft 365 + Complete security on all your devices and data

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The avantages

A fixed, fair price

Our offer – unique on the market – combines professional Internet connectivity, a cloud telephony system which can be fully managed via a dedicated portal, and all the collaborative and productivity tools of Microsoft 365.

A Microsoft Cloud Azure service manages your usernames and your access to the company’s data.

Finally, a security offer that is unrivalled on the market, in 3 layers, which protects you from external threats:

  • The Mail Protection solution, which adds a layer of protection to your email inboxes
  • The Microsoft ATP solution, which adds a layer of protection to all your data in the Microsoft 365 environment
  • The Computer Protection solution which protects all your workstations.

The Belcenter guarantee is also included in this pack.

Pro & Security

Included in this pack

Speeds of up to 100 Megabits

Premium VDSL or fibre FTTP Internet connection up to 100 Mbps download speed and up to 30 Mbps uploading.

Unlimited downloads

Unlimited monthly download volume.

1 fixed IP address and service quality for enterprises

So you can access your applications and servers remotely, without being slowed down and with minimal latency.

2 IP telephones

2 office telephones.

2 SoftPhone licences

Access your telephony via your mobile device (Android & iOS).

2 "PBX in the Cloud” user licences

2 licences for using our cloud telephony service.

2 call channels

Enables you to make or receive two telephone calls simultaneously.

2 call numbers

2 Belgian telephone numbers.

1 domain name

2 Microsoft 365 Business Premium licences

The Microsoft suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.), a 50 GB email inbox with unlimited archiving, an Azure server in the Cloud and Microsoft ATP protection.

2 Security Protection Premium licences

Premium Protection for all your workstations – managed with a console in the cloud – against external threats to your business, including the very latest cryptolockers.

1 Mail Protection licence for your domain name

Protection for all the email inboxes with your domain name

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